Technology Finance

Unlock the capital in your business by leveraging the value of your recurring revenue stream


Access capital to stay ahead of the curve

With more companies moving to cloud-based technologies and shifting from standard on-premise licensing and maintenance models to fully recurring subscription models, the ability to understand the underlying value of your business becomes increasingly important. The knowledge and expertise we’ve gained by working with companies like yours can help your business meet its goals and keep pace in a dynamic industry.

We are excited to partner with a premiere banking institution such as Wells Fargo. The refinancing allows us to fuel continued future growth and maintain our focus as an industry leader in delivering Cloud-based SaaS solutions to our clients.

Technology is your strength. Financing is ours.

Private and public software technology companies looking to grow strategically — either organically or through acquisitions — or needing to increase liquidity, repurchase stock, or secure working capital for operational needs can turn to Wells Fargo Capital Finance. Our dedicated Technology Finance team of industry veterans can help your company leverage its recurring revenue base so that your capital is working for you.

Our capabilities

Our facilities start at $7.5 million and are structured on recurring revenues, cash flow, or a combination of both.

We serve private and public software and technology companies in a variety of sectors including healthcare information technology (healthcare IT), financial technology (FinTech), and other adjacent verticals.

Your needs

Our facilities are typically used to support:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Recapitalisations
  • Working capital
  • Organic growth initiatives