eCapital, LLC works with businesses across a variety of industries, helping them turn accounts receivable into immediate cash through factoring. Throughout the last 10 years, Wells Fargo Capital Finance has supported eCapital’s growth, and expanded their credit facility along the way from $12 million to $60 million.

We’ve worked with the team at Wells Fargo Capital Finance for about 10 years. We also use Wells Fargo for all our treasury and cash management needs. As we’ve grown our business and our financial needs have changed, Wells Fargo has been more than a supporter, they have been an important partner. Wells Fargo understands our unique business needs and makes sure we have what we need to succeed. We continue to be impressed by how professional, experienced, responsive, and flexible their team is.

- Bruce Bentel and Richard Sarif, Directors of the Board, eCapital LLC (Pictured above)