MidCap Financial

When the credit markets seized up in 2008, Wells Fargo Capital Finance supported our business plans. Not only did they keep their original terms, they also followed through and executed the deal with the kind of precision that we need in the middle-market lending space. They believed in our company from the very beginning, and have demonstrated their ability to deliver for our business ever since.

- Howard Widra, Partner, Apollo Capital Management, L.P., investment manager of MidCap Financial (Pictured above: Howard Widra and David Moore, CFO, MidCap Financial)

MidCap Financial provides debt solutions to middle-market companies. When its experienced and successful management team joined with equity sponsors to establish the company in 2008, the leadership team called on the lending experience and syndication capabilities of the Lender Finance team at Wells Fargo Capital Finance to support their new venture. And when MidCap was ready to expand further, we arranged additional financing to keep the company’s momentum going.