S & P Data LLC

Helping a growing business services company

Call center expands with help from accounts receivable facility

S&P Data LLC, led by industry pioneers Dan Pashkes, David Bortes, and Ken Crema, is a call center headquartered in San Diego, CA. The company specializes in helping clients outsource sales and support to achieve greater performance, flexibility, and results.

Wells Fargo Capital Finance began working with S&P Data in 2011 by providing them with a $6.5 million accounts receivable facility for working capital and expansion. The facility was designed to be flexible and increase as the company grew.

In addition to opening offices in Ohio and Toronto, S&P Data now has offices in Michigan and New Mexico. As the company has expanded, so has the accounts receivable facility we provide, which is now $15 million.  And, S&P Data has chosen to work with Wells Fargo for other business banking needs.