Grow your business through the Walmart-sponsored Supplier Finance program

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To enroll in our Walmart-sponsored program, contact:

Scott Sobanski
United States: 866-563-6618
International: +65-6395-2541

Improve your cash flow and grow. Strengthen relationships with trading partners. Take advantage of extended payment terms.

Wells Fargo Capital Finance offers Walmart suppliers benefits that may improve liquidity and financial stability in the supply chain.

Potential benefits include:

  • Gain access to an attractive liquidity management tool through the early payment option
  • Improve cash flow and days sales outstanding
  • Reduce capital costs (such as accounts receivable carrying costs)
  • Receive information and payment in a format that best suits your needs

How Supplier Finance programs work

We provide Walmart suppliers with a discounted early payment at an improved rate based on Walmart’s creditworthiness.