Supply Chain Finance

Global end-to-end financing programs including Channel Finance, Sales Finance, and Supplier Finance

Best Provider of Supply Chain Finance (2015)
Best Provider of Supply Chain Finance (2015)

Working capital to support your goals

Increase your cash flow and grow. Strengthen relationships. Take advantage of extended payment terms. Every business faces moments when you need additional working capital solutions, and Wells Fargo Capital Finance is ready to help you reach your goals.

We have several global financing programmes that can support both payables and receivables, including Channel Finance, Sales Finance, and Supplier Finance.

Channel Finance

We work with manufacturers and distributors to sponsor flexible extended-term financing programmes for their value-added reseller customers.

Benefits of our programmes

Through our channel finance programmes, manufacturers and distributors may:

  • Accelerate sales growth
  • Reduce credit exposure and shift risk off their balance sheets
  • Provide growth capital to value-added resellers without increased credit risk
  • Outsource credit administration and receivables collection and management

Our channel finance programmes offer value-added resellers additional benefits. Through our programmes, value-added resellers may:

  • Obtain greater purchasing power with a larger credit facility
  • Achieve greater liquidity with longer-term financing
  • Reduce costs with interest-free financing*

How Channel Finance works


Sales Finance

With a sales finance programme, your company enters into a contract with Wells Fargo Capital Finance to sell receivables related to business you do with investment-grade or near-investment-grade buyers (key accounts purchase) or risk-pooled receivables portfolios (portfolio purchase).

Large corporations that sell to domestic and international buyers (key accounts purchase) or risk-pooled receivables portfolios (portfolio purchase) may:

  • Tap a new source of liquidity without incurring debt
  • Reduce concentrations with current customers
  • Offer extended terms to customers without affecting days sales outstanding
  • Diversify capital sources with an off-balance sheet option

How Sales Finance works


Supplier Finance

Supplier Finance addresses the needs of large corporations with wide supplier networks.

Through the programme, buyers can either negotiate extended payment terms or a cost of goods sold reduction in return for giving suppliers access to lower-cost financing. We provide suppliers with a discounted early payment at an improved rate based on the buyer’s creditworthiness.

Potential benefits for buyers:

  • Reduce cost of goods sold
  • Increase days payables outstanding
  • Gain cash flow certainty
  • Strengthen financial supply chain
  • Improve relationships with suppliers
  • Reduce supply chain financing costs

Potential benefits for suppliers:

  • Gain access to an attractive liquidity management tool through the early payment option
  • Improve cash flow and days sales outstanding
  • Reduce capital costs (such as accounts receivable carrying costs)
  • Receive information and payment in a format that best suits your needs

How Supplier Finance works


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